Retirement Accounts

It’s never too early or late to plan for your future. No matter your age, saving for retirement is always a good idea and starting now can make a huge difference in your golden years.

An IRA is an individual retirement account that allows you to save for retirement with tax-deferred earnings and the possibility of tax-deductible contributions.

Individual Retirement Account
(Roth & Traditional) 

Saving for retirement is your first step to a strong financial future. The dividends you earn on an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) may be tax deductible or deferred.* Each of these accounts can be opened at any time. You can make additional deposits to the account as often as you like up to the contribution limit of $4,000.00 per year* without any deposit restrictions. Dividends are compounded daily and paid monthly and balances are insured up to $250,000 through the National Credit Union Administration.

Share IRA Certificate (IRA CD) 

If you are looking to invest your retirement funds in a higher yield account, an IRA CD is the right choice for you. With the flexibility of a regular savings CD, you can customize to meet your retirement needs. Yolo FCU offers terms ranging from 12-60 months with a minimum deposit of $500.00*.

*Please check with your tax advisor. 

Coverdell Education Share Account

This account is designed exclusively to save for a child’s future educational expenses. You can make annual contributions to this account up to a maximum of $2,0001 per year. Earnings may be tax deferred1 when withdrawals are made for qualified educational expenses. This option offers parents, grandparents and others the flexibility to transfer funds from this account to another child if the primary beneficiary chooses not to attend secondary education or has not depleted the funds available.

If you need more information, or you want to open an IRA, service an existing IRA, or learn more about IRAs, please click one of the links below.2

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1 Please check with your tax advisor.

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